Different Types of Career Fairs

One of the most common ways to get an internship or co-op is through recruiters and employers that are coming to the University of Cincinnati from time to time. It is a really great opportunity to present yourself, give your elevator pitch and get their contact information to follow up later. UC hosts two major Career Fairs for students both in fall and spring semesters. … More Different Types of Career Fairs

Interview Tips

Did you just get a phone call saying you’d have an interview next week? CONGRATULATIONS! Are you excited? Are you nervous? Yes, interview apprehension happens to everyone, but don’t let it block you from getting an offer to work for dream companies. So, I would like to share with you a few tips on how … More Interview Tips

Events at the U of Cincy: Social Justice Research

Last week, I participated in a week long workshop on research methods surrounding social justice. This workshop was offered by the Kunz Center for Social Research, which is in the Sociology Department. This program was geared towards students of all majors who are interested in using research to promote social justice. As a STEM major, … More Events at the U of Cincy: Social Justice Research