Remote Learning during COVID-19

Due to the pandemic, schools and colleges have been doing remote learning which means you do not have to go to class in person. Instead, you will have the class online via Zoom, Google Meets, Teams, and many other platforms that have been useful this past year. It has been difficult not just for students, but parents too.

Some college students struggled at first. This is my third semester taking just online classes, and it has been difficult, but I find that it has been getting easier this semester. One of the hardships I faced is not knowing how to organize my schedule and how to pay attention and not get distracted during the recorded class.

That is why I want to share some tips that can work for anybody taking online classes!


  • Find a place where you can concentrate. It is important to be in an environment where you feel comfortable and you can focus on your work without any distractions.
  • Make a schedule according to the classes you are taking: having a routine will help you get through your day because you already know what you have to do next.
  • Read the materials before class. This is important because you can follow the class easier and ask any questions about what you did not understand or comment. By doing so, you will socialize more in the class and stand out from other students.
  • Even though the class is online it would be great to interact with the other students: socializing is very important, you can create a group with your classmates which can be used to discuss some questions and to help each other. In class, it would be great to give opinions or ask questions so the professor and your classmates get to know who you are.
  • Take breaks: it is important to give yourself space so you do not get tired in your day. Allow some time for yourself in your schedule, it will help clear your mind.

These tips have helped me a lot because sometimes it is difficult to just sit in front of the computer. Having a routine has helped me by concentrating more and be more organized with my classes. I like it because I do not miss any due dates and am able to keep up with my grades.

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