ACE Program: English Classes

Learning a new language is a fun challenge. The University of Cincinnati offers a program where students can split up their first year and take half the required English classes and half of the classes related to their major.

The Accelerated College English (ACE) program is a one-year-long program where you have the opportunity to increase your speaking levels and writing. In each academic semester, you will take 3 English classes: such as writing or speaking, and 3 classes related to your major of choice.

Being in the program helps you because you will not be behind in graduating. I had the opportunity to be in the ACE Program and it was very helpful in my major classes. I will say that taking the writing classes gave me an understanding of how to write an appropriate essay and how it should be structured.

Another thing I enjoyed was taking my speaking class. It gave me the courage to talk in front of people. I had the opportunity to talk about things I like in class or in a group project with friends. Being in a class with different students from around the world who are also learning English helps you to practice the language and improve every day.

Also, being an ACE student benefitted me by having an advisor who was always asking if I needed anything or how my classes were going. She guided me in my first year and told me what classes were convenient for me to take based on what I was interested in.

Some of the benefits of being in the ACE Program are:

  1. You will have a one-on-one personalized advisor.
  2. Easy transition from the ACE program to your major of choice.
  3. Earn your bachelor’s degree without adding more time to your studies.
  4. Improve your ability to read, write, and speak in English.
  5. No paying extra for being in the program.
  6. Have classes with other UC students, but also students from around the world to meet and work with.
  7. An opportunity to get a scholarship after your 1st year in the ACE Program is complete.

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