Getting Ready for Class Registration

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Upcoming semester class registration comes up before you know it, and so with this in mind, I would recommend having a rough plan in place.

As a new student, it is common to not have your college semesters planned out, although once you are in the middle of your second semester, I would recommend setting time aside to reflect and plan ahead. 

All UC students have an assigned general advisor to help them with registering for classes (amongst other roles) but it doesn’t hurt to do your own research and have some idea of what you want. 

How to register for classes

  • Look through UC’s course catalog to get inspired 
    • Here you will find a list of all the classes UC is currently offering. There will be a general description, credit number, course number, and typical offerings. 
    • From this website, you will figure out your options (and trust me, there are many) 
  • Look through UC’s class offering to visualize your ideal schedule 
    • Here you will find the specifics of your desired class. You will know if a class is offered in your selected semester, who is teaching it, the location of the class, as well as the basic description and course attributes.
      • From this website, you can already plan a schedule [whether you prefer morning/night classes, will you work on Tuesdays/Thursdays, etc.]. 
      • A note about this website is that you can’t plan out semesters in advance, you can only see the courses offered in the current, and proceeding  semester (excluding summer)
  • Look through your major curriculum 
  • Meet with your advisor 
    • Your advisor will take a look at the transfer credit you came in with from high school and suggest a plan for your first semester at UC. Most commonly, this isn’t very flexible because you will be put into a learning community that ‘attaches’ common courses to all students in your group.
      • As each semester goes by, you will have more autonomy over your schedule
  • Add your classes into your shopping cart 
    • You can only add classes into your shopping cart once you have a secure UC login and access to Catalyst, as well as permission from your advisor to enroll.
    • The specifics of adding classes into your shopping cart will be gone over with your advisor, so don’t worry.
  • Click ‘enroll’ once your enrollment time slot begins 

You are now all ready for a semester of classes. Best of luck!

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