Fun Classes to Take at UC

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, was a college dropout. However, when he dropped out, he decided to take part-time classes and only opted for the classes he found interesting. He ended up taking a class on fonts and realized how interesting they are, the science behind them, and how they can be used.

Ages later, he incorporated fonts into Macs until Macs became the first computers to have fonts!

Now, you may or may not revolutionize the face of modern computers. But you can still take classes you find interesting and learn something you normally would not have! I try to use my BoKs (Breath of Knowledge) to take such classes and here’s a list of classes me or my friends have enjoyed.

The Music Of The Beatles

The Beatles inarguably impacted the whole world, be it musically or sociologically. This class examines their groundbreaking production techniques, individual writing styles, and the impact of their music on other musicians and social trends.

Even if you are not a Beatles fan or have not heard of them, this class is a great way to learn about music and how it can affect our world!

Class Code – FAM 2061

The Beatles

Astronomy: Stars and Galaxy

Have you ever just looked at a starry night and fallen in love with the vastness of our Universe? Of course, you have!

This class is exactly what it sounds like, and is an intro to this unique world that we are a part of. This class covers the structure and evolution of the universe from the smallest to the largest physical scales.

Class code: PHYS 1021

There are plenty more classes for you to explore – Greek and Norse Mythologies, History and Culture of Asian and African countries, Harry Potter, and so much more. The only drawback of such fun classes is that I cannot possibly take all of them, as badly as I want to!

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