An Interview with Sophia- International Affairs Major on the Pre-Law Track

If pursuing a degree in International Affairs has ever crossed your mind; be sure to listen to this interview. I chose to talk to my sister, Sophia, about her academic experience and personal aspirations in respect to her International Affairs major on the pre-law track. Similar to me, she grew up in Dubai and attended a small American high school before deciding to join me at the University of Cincinnati to further her education. My past vlog and most of my other blog posts have revolved around my own experience as a Cell and Molecular Biology & Arabic double major on the pre-med track, and so I thought to bring in a new perspective to what UC has to offer. As you will hear, she is very passionate about the road to becoming a lawyer and even though she is still learning- she has some thoughts to share.

I hope you enjoy and I wish you the best of luck on your journey.

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