Need help with Academics? Here’s the useful resources

As an international student, the transition from Dubai to the USA has been difficult. Especially with examinations and studying. The way of learning in the USA is quite different from what I used to know. The examination and teaching style, and question types are also very unique. To make things easier I looked for resources on campus and here’s the guide!

The learning commons provides free centralized academic support for all University of Cincinnati students. They have many one-on-one sessions and different types of mentors that can make your learning less stressful.

1. Supplemental Review Sessions

2. Supplemental Instruction

The SI leaders lead review sessions that help students integrate what to learn and how to learn in their difficult courses. They attend your class, work with the faculty member, and develop their own content and learning activities. Every course has an SI leader. So feel free to reach out to them.

3. Learning Assistant (LA)

Learning Assistants work in a small teaching team with professors invested in hands-on, application-based learning in and outside the classroom. They facilitate discussion and problem-solving in class or group activities outside of class to discuss key concepts.

4. Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutors provide one-on-one academic support through online or in-person appointments for over 200 courses at UC. Tutors are able to support any course in which they have earned a B+ or higher.

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