My Favorite Classes I Take as a Musical Theatre Major in CCM

As a Musical Theatre major in CCM I have a very rigid curriculum filled with lots of classes and credits throughout the four year degree. Every semester is a little different but I love the variety of classes I can take within my degree. Here are some of my favorite classes.

Vocal Coaching Class

For almost all of our time as a Musical Theatre major we take a vocal coaching class. This class is all about acting through a song. Each week we meet in a small group for an hour to get personal coaching on a song and then every Friday we perform the song for our whole class as a performance. We work on all different units from golden age musical theatre to contemporary pop/rock and 50’s rock n roll. This class is a great way to be exposed to different repertoire and support my friends in class.

Jazz Class

For all four years of our time at CCM we take 3 hours of jazz class a week. I love getting to move my body and dance for my degree. We explore all different styles and genres of jazz dance and learn audition combinations.

Rehearsal and Performance Class

As a CCM Musical Theatre major we get college credit for being in shows. It is so much fun to be a part of a full rehearsal and performance process during our time here. In my Freshman year, I did a production of 42nd Street and was in rehearsals for a production of Bright Star. This year I will be in a production of Pippin! It is great to be able to do these performances for college credit. I definitely learn the most when I am in these shows.

Business Classes

One of the reasons I really wanted to come to UC is because I am able to take courses in other schools/ departments outside of CCM. As a Business Administration minor I take classes in the Lindner College of Business. I enjoy exploring a different part of campus and challenging my brain in different ways in these classes.

Lindner College of Business

I feel very lucky to be able to take so many fun and interesting classes here at UC. CCM offers many classes for non-CCM majors as well, so be sure to check those out if you want to try out an instrument or some composing.

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