How to cope with new weather!

When I first arrived in Cincinnati from Beirut, Lebanon around January 2020, I was exposed to a big change in weather. From the warm to barely chilly, always sunny Mediterranean weather, I was met with the cloudy gray sky, icy sidewalks, and foggy breaths.

It was a large adjustment but change is healthy and good for you- we all learn to adapt. After two years since I went to Cincinnati, I’d say I’m not 100% comfortable with the cold yet but here are some things that helped me adapt that will probably help you too!

Disclaimer: I, in no way. am affiliated with any of the mentioned brands.

  • Buy a down/ down alternative coat!

Down is a type of feather insulation that can keep you warm and help with wind resistance. There are many good brands; I personally prefer The North Face– the coats last a lifetime and will keep you warm. You can find North Face coats at Macy’s, Dillard’s, or Nordstrom, and if you keep your eyes open and hunt around for one, you may be able to find a coat at a reduced price at Nordstrom Rack or TJ Maxx.

  • Buy good snow boots with good traction/ grip!

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve slipped walking to class on icy sidewalks– good boots will serve you well. They’ll keep your toes warm and give you a good grip in icy, snowy, and rainy weather. I would recommend the weather line by Dr. Martens and Sorrel. I’d stray away from Sperry’s- they really don’t do the job here in Cincinnati.

  • Layer up!

Buy thermals, and wear layers- that is one of the few things that has worked wonders for me. You can find thermal leggings and tops at Target and TJ Maxx. It’s a good way to make sure you have proper insulation. The wind here in Cincinnati can truly be unforgiving so you have to be prepared.

  • A Good Mindset

I hate to say it but it’s also all in our heads- if you convince yourself it’s all going to be okay- it will. Just focus on the beautiful parts of the weather and how lovely the change of season is! Shift your mindset and find a way to enjoy it- grab a warm tea/ coffee, and a huge scarf and let the wind embrace you!

We’ll get used to it eventually, I promise! It’s getting easier for me and so I hope it’ll get easier for you!

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