Coping with Difficulties when Studying Abroad

This blog is going to be about something that I feel every international student face as they come to a completely foreign university to study.

You come to this foreign land, holding so much potential in yourself. You thrust forward strong, excelling at academics, joining organizations, and becoming involved. You feel scared in your heart at times, but you do not let that affect you. You continue with the completely new lifestyle that you have chosen, trying hard every day, every second to fit in, to hold your own identity, and pave your way through college as you grow every day.  But as time passes, you miss the faces and the touch of people with whom you grew up. You find yourself completely on your own, living and studying in a completely foreign land. Although this whole experience makes you feel held back, in a long run it will bring out the stronger part of your personality that you never got to experience if you always live around your family and familiar places.

I would like to give you an example from my life. As I improve in college, I pursue multiple roles to build my all-rounded personality. I work two jobs on Campus, being a desk assistant and an international student ambassador at UC. Alongside that, I have my club involvements, such as a member of UCIPALs, an Outreach Leader of ISA (Indian Student Association) and a board member of SAB (Student Activity Board). I love each position I serve, but occasionally, it can become overwhelming; however, one thing I keep in mind is, that it is okay to be overwhelmed. I also realize it is important to destress myself regularly by giving myself a weekend off and hiking at a geological area near Cincinnati, Red River Gorge. Such activities separate me from the everyday work and revitalize me as I immerse myself in nature.

The question remains: how to cope with these times that make you feel low, even when you are doing everything you want to do and are supposed to do? One thing you need to realize is that everyone is different and they have different ways to cope with setbacks. For some, it is exploring new places; for others, it is hanging out with friends or watching a movie. It can also be hanging out with your very friend who understands you well. What should matter in the end is that you feel good, motivated, and energized to get back to doing what you love.

Going to a cafe
Going to a beach, calming myself

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