Week of Cincinnati Weather 

Cincinnati is a city that truly embraces each season; we have warm summer days, crispy fall moments, snow-filled winters, and even gloomy spring months. Yet, it doesn’t always appear in a linear fashion! This past week is a representation of the city’s bipolar side. 

I grew up and lived in Dubai my whole life and so the one season we got all year was summer, but I did travel to Lebanon and the US annually and so I did get to experience fall, winter, and spring. If you are in the same boat as me, Cincinnati will be less of a shock for you. If you have lived in a place with only one season though, I hope this post will help you set your expectations. 


Passing by; Gettler Stadium right in front and tennis courts behind me

We started the week off with dark clouds and sporadic showers all day. The sun rose at around 7:45 am and so if you had an 8 am class, it was still fairly dark outside. To make the day even more dreary, it was chilly and windy. Sounds like a day to stay indoors with a cup of tea! 

My tip: buy an umbrella that is compact but also retractable so that it is easy to put back in your bag once you are indoors. I would also suggest keeping your umbrella in your bag all year so that you are prepared for a surprise shower/storm/drizzle. This way, in case you forget your rain jacket, you are still covered. 


We had beautiful weather on Tuesday as the sun was up all day and it was the perfect fall feeling. It was very cold though and the pockets of sun amongst campus were a warm comforting reminder to enjoy the day. 

My tip: always keep an extra hoodie/sweatshirt/comfortable jacket in your bag. Especially on days where it is either cold and sunny, or even stormy and warm; you want the option to add or take off a layer. I am big on being prepared and trust me it makes a difference when you finish class and want to study outside/in the library and it is chillier than you expected. This is also a big thing to keep in mind if you commute; since walking outside of campus (primarily roads with less nature) feels different especially at night or early morning. 

Wednesday- Friday 

Quite honestly, the end of the week felt like 1 long gloomy day. The sun fully rose at around 7:50-8:10 am, and even so, it was very dreary. Following these stormy days, it is always beautiful to see the lush trees aggregated on campus. 

My tip: find the bright side on dark days if it is something that affects you. Such that, if your mood is deeply affected by the outside weather, incorporate activities that make you happy. It also might get tough getting around in this weather, for example taking transportation off-campus, or even walking on the outskirts of campus, so check the weather app (I personally use AccuWeather) every morning to make plans accordingly. 

The University of Cincinnati is a beautiful campus that, on different days, might look different, but every day it will feel like home.

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