Transportation Doesn’t Have to be a Passive Experience

With such a large campus and lively environment surrounding- we find ourselves lost within different forms of transportation for hours at a time. It doesn’t exactly have to be “wasted” time, there are many ways you can take advantage of that time and use it to develop and grow.

So, that brings up the question: How?

Here are a few ideas, suggestions, and options to make your commute more entertaining and alive!

  • Podcasts, Music, and Books!

How about grabbing a book? You can pick a book and read it on the shuttle or bus! or say you’re driving, riding a bike, or walking; a good alternative is a podcast. I listen to podcasts on a daily basis and the topics revolve around Philosophy, Sustainability, Business, and Design (all of these podcasts can be accessed through Spotify and most on Apple Podcasts). Here are a few of my personal favorites:

1. Invisibilia

Invisibilia is Latin for “the invisible things.” We explore the invisible forces that shape human behavior — things like ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions. The show is co-hosted by Yowei Shaw and Kia Miakka Natisse. In past seasons, the show was hosted by Alix SpiegelHanna Rosin, and Lulu Miller.

About Invisibilia on NPR

2. Vox Unexplainable

Unexplainable is a science show about everything we don’t know. Host Noam Hassenfeld is joined by an array of experts and Vox reporters each week to look at the most fascinating unanswered questions in science and the mind-bending ways scientists are trying to answer them. New episodes drop every Wednesday.

About Vox Unexplainable from Vox

3. Vox Today Explained

Today, Explained is Vox’s daily explainer podcast. Host Sean Rameswaram will guide you through the most important stories at the end of each day. You can listen to it, and more Vox podcasts, here.

About Vox Today Explained from Vox

4. How to Save a Planet

Climate change. We know. It can feel too overwhelming. But what if there was a show about climate change that left you … energized? One so filled with possibility that you actually wanted to listen? Join us, journalist Alex Blumberg and a crew of climate nerds, as we bring you smart, inspiring stories about the mess we’re in and how we can get ourselves out of it.

How to Save a Planet from Gimlet

5. Modern Love

My absolute personal favorite…

Hosts Daniel Jones and Miya Lee explore the complicated love lives of real people through conversation and storytelling, based on the weekly New York Times column.

Modern love from The New York Times

6. Triple Bottom Line

Reach a new level of business success with the Triple Bottom Line—people, planet, profit with Taylor Martin.

Triple Bottom Line from Buzzsprout
  • Discover New Music

Listen to new music on your platforms and explore new genres!

  • Discover ArtsWave

“ArtsWave is the engine for Greater Cincinnati’s arts.”

Through gifts from tens of thousands of individuals and companies each year, ArtsWave funds and supports 100+ arts projects and organizations through impact-based grants. With funding, services, and advocacy, ArtsWave fuels a more vibrant regional economy and connected community through the arts. 

In the end, there are so many ways to entertain yourself on your commute and make the best of it – hopefully, these options help and you’ve met your new favourite podcast

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