How to Make Friends as an International Student.

As an International Student I know that making friends in college is challenging. It requires you to put in more effort than the native students. Also, I know how hard it is if you can not speak English frequently. Do not let that stop you from going out, interacting with people, and making friends:

1. Know that everyone is new: When you are a first-year college student most of the time all the people in your classes are new. So do not be shy to go and talk to people and present yourself. As an international student, it is normal that people do not understand you when you talk; just bear in mind that you are here in the United States to learn and English is one of them. So do not let your English accent limit yourself from making new connections.

2. Get out of your room: I remember when I first came to UC I was always in my room, cooking my food and doing my classes. Sometimes I did not go out for a week. The first time I got out of my room and went to a dining hall, I made my first friend on campus. Being in your room, or comfort zone in general, is the worst possible way to make friends.

3. Get involved in on-campus activities: There are over 500 student organizations that you could join on campus. You will also have the opportunity to meet people that you share similar interests with. These organizations will help you develop leadership skills and lifelong friendships.

Be patient and keep trying, do not doubt yourself. As time goes on you will make more friends than you expected.

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