First time using Counseling and Psychological Service

24 Hour Crisis Helpline 513-556-0648

Counseling and Psychological Services

What is CAPS?

Students and members of the UC community are concerned about students having access to mental health crisis care and consultation 24 hours a day 7 days a week. During business hours, you can call our main number (513) 556-0648 and request to speak with a counselor immediately if in need of crisis support or consultation. Our crisis line provides care 24/7 when we are closed for in-person services. After hours you may call our direct number at 513-556-0648 and follow the prompts to speak with a counselor. 

My Story with CAPS 

For the first one weeks of studying in a master’s program and being the only Chinese student in class, I had to make friends with new people, which took time. Also, I had to comprehend the content from courses, lectures, homework, and projects. The first period of the class ended in two months, and the second period would start right afterward. I got no break, working from 7 am in the morning to midnight. Most of my classmates had jobs in India, and they were all senior-level roles. Everyone was not in the same spot when they started the master’s program. Because of all this pressure, I even had thoughts of hiding myself and not going to school. 

It has been a tough time for me to adapt to a new high-level environment. I talked to my friend, people who I believed could help me. I talked with my boyfriend, my parents, two of my classmates, and my advisor. After all those talking, I felt better and I knew these things needed to be changed, and I need some professional recommendations to lead me to the right place.

So I contacted the counseling service provided by UC health.

I needed someone to talk to and some professional advice from them. That was the reason I called them. I was nervous when I booked an appointment because it was my first time using this service. Right now, I have been visiting and doing this kind of little conversation with my counselor for over a month. During the meeting, I shared things I recently did with my counselor. If I did something nice, my counselor would say “that’s really amazing”. I gained my confidence little by little, to the point that, I hope, I would be able to deal with complicated situations on my own in the future.

Before you finish reading this blog, I just want to say:

If you need help, just reach out to CAPS. College is challenging, the master’s program even more. You can learn a lot from them when they give you a different perspective to many of your problems. : )

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