Off Campus Lunch: Where to Eat and Cost Breakdown

As you start to get in the routine of college it can be fun to explore different off campus restaurants. I found this especially true in my sophomore year when I moved off campus and was no longer on a dining hall meal plan. To help you out, I have listed some of my favorite off campus restaurants and a cost breakdown of each menu.

Clifton has lots of different options for different dietary preferences and price ranges. These are just a list of some restaurants that I have tried and would recommend.


Located right off campus, you can pick up a delicious Mexican bowl. You can get a bowl, taco or a burrito for under $10 here and this will typically include a drink. Have a look on their website for a price breakdown here.


If you love fried chicken, this should be your new go-to lunch spot. Located right in the center of Usquare, you can get a fried chicken meal, which includes fries and a drink, for $6-$9. Click here for a pricing breakdown of the Canes menu.


Looking for the best off campus pizza – Adriatico’s is your spot. You can get a delicious pizza for anywhere between $10-$20 here. Don’t forget to try the bearcat pizza for your next event or party with friends. You can find the pricing breakdown here.

Tea ‘n’ Bowl

Tea ‘n’ Bowl should be your new favorite place if you’re looking for delicious asian food and bubble tea. Located right off-campus, you can find authentic Chinese meals for anywhere between $10-$20. Click here for the menu and more information.

GoodPlates Eatery

This is my personal favorite lunch spot off campus. It is a great place to sit and eat lunch with friends or pick up a delicious meal to go. They have lots of different food options and drinks. Prices range from $10-$20 depending on what you order. Find a menu and price breakdown here.

I hope this helps you out as you start to explore off campus lunch spots. Be sure to look on Yelp for more options and reviews.

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