How to Study for Exams

As we are halfway through the semester, final exams are around the corner and very soon it will be December, or the final exam month, so it is important to start preparing for the exams.

From what I have learned this semester it is always important to study ahead of your classes. When I started this semester, it was my first semester of having all of my classes in person. I used to wait till the last day and submit my assignment. But this semester it is different from the others. I had classes all week long and it was a little challenging at the beginning of the semester.

I am now going to talk about the strategies on how to study, prepare for exams and prioritize your health while making sure you are getting the grades you want in school.

Write down your goals for the semester: Writing down your goals will help you realize what matters to you and also gives you a general plan for the semester. Before the beginning of the semester my goals are:

  1. Not to have a grade below a B.
  2. Apply for a co-op or Internships.
  3. Workout 3 times a week.
  4. Eat healthy food.
  5. Save more money

When I was writing these goals it allowed me to reflect on what matters, and every day, every decision that I make I make sure it aligns with my goals.

  1. Study before you go for class: Most of the time when I study the material before it is taught by the professor in class, I get a deep understanding of the materials; it then becomes very easy to study for exams.
  2. Do not be shy to ask for help: I am taking the right call to business Analytics. It requires a lot of Excel skills. The office hours fill out quickly but since every section has a TA, I have been texting my TA for help most of the time. They are always willing to help me succeed.

Finally, make use of the opportunities the university gives you: the Maths and Science Support (MASS) center helps you with Math and Science classes; the Academic Writing Center helps you with English and writing essays. They have many options in groups and one by one meeting.

It will not be easy as you go forward in your courses but with having goals and working hard you will be successful in college.

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