Introduction: Yasmeen Makarem

My name is Yasmeen Makarem and I am a junior double majoring in Cell and Molecular as well as Arabic on the pre-med track.  I am Lebanese but was born here in Dayton, and just a few years later moved to Dubai; which I consider one of my homes. Prior to applying to UC, my experiences in the medical field uncovered my desire to be a physician; and so I knew that I wanted to attend a university that could assist me in reaching this goal. I had a territory manager that truly made a difference in my perspective, and I credited the majority of my decision to her. Another factor that convinced me UC was for me, was the proximity in physical location and connection to one of the best children hospitals in the world. Being a pre-med student at a highly academic-driven institution, I am surrounded by people who want to do better and help others in some aspect. Aside from being an International Student Ambassador, I am a clinical volunteer at Cincinnati Children’s and the host of my own broadcast show at Cincinnati Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired. A recent leap I made was trying out for the University of Cincinnati Equestrian Team, and I am proud to now call myself a member of UCET. 

As a senior in high school, we all have different priorities and one of my recommendations is to identify yours before making any decisions. Without a doubt, UC has something for you, but just to be sure yourself, read more about what UC has to offer and join the Bearcat family.

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