A Guide to College Roommates

For many freshman moving into the dorms with a new roommate or roommates is the first time they have lived with someone else. It can be a little scary, especially with all of the other changes that come along with moving into college. Luckily for you, I have put together my tips on how to best get along with your college roommates and create a comfortable living space for everyone.

My roommates and I at a football game
  1. Try to meet/ chat with your future roommate(s) before move in day

Whether you have chosen to live with your best friend or a random roommate assignment, it is best to try to get to know each other before you live together. Connect through social media and get a sense of your future roommates’ interests, expectations and personality. You may also like to use this communication to organize any dorm decor that you will share or coordinate. The earlier your roommate relationship starts, the better.

2. Set boundaries and make mutual agreements early

It is important to sit down at the beginning of the year to discuss any specific rules, habits or boundaries you and your roommate(s) might have. Some topics you may want to discuss include daily routines, study habits, hygiene and inviting others into the shared space. Set clear guidelines so that both/all parties feel comfortable. Setting up these open communication lines early makes it easier to bring up any smaller issues that arise throughout the year.

3. Be prepared to compromise

Living in a shared space may mean that some of your daily habits shift. For example, your roommate might have an early class and their alarm wakes you. Be prepared to compromise, but ensure that it is always a fair arrangement and boundaries are not overstepped.

4. Share responsibilities

You may like to divide responsibilities like cleaning, trash, dishes or maintenance responsibilities between you and your roommate(s) to help spread the load of work. A schedule or chart helps to formalize any arrangements.

5. Be a good roommate

At the end of the day, having a successful roommate relationship is reliant on both/ all parties. If you work hard to be a good roommate, your roommate(s) will hopefully work to do the same. Keep communication lines open and try to always be honest about any issues.

I hope that these tips helped as you prepare to move in with new roommates. Remember that living with roommates is an unforgettable experience. It will teach you important lessons about yourself and your living preferences. Try to view every challenge as a lesson and enjoy the experience!

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