Summer in Cincinnati

Summer is the best time of the year in Cincinnati. Period. I know, I know – you can wear layers during winters but cannot take off your layers during the summer. However, the warmth of the sun makes every single day so much better and makes me take more active part in my life. And to take more active part in my life, I need to do more active things. Fortunately, Cincinnati has plenty of things to do around campus during the summer!

Krohn Conservatory

Krohn Conservatory is home to thousands of plants from around the world. It is very pretty with colorful flowers and butterflies. It has a desert house, orchid house, and a bonsai gallery! They also have five seasonal shows every year with exhibition of various plants, and a permanent citrus collection show!

Krohn Conservatory

Red River Gorge

If you have read any of my blogs, or ever searched “what to do in Cincinnati”, Red River Gorge is always there. It always brings me to sync with myself and is an easy way to get a break. Just 2 hours drive away from UC, the gorge has multiple trails for trekking, waterfalls, and, rock climbing! It never gets boring and I go there every summer. UC Mountaineering also does multiple trips there all year round!

Cincinnati Reds Baseball

When I first learned about Baseball, I was not sold. But a few of my friends forced me to go with them, and let me tell you, it is a whole different experience than watching on TV. The sound, the energy, the hot dogs and the pretzels. All bring you to the spirit of the game and love Cincinnati a little bit more every time they hit a home run!


Cincinnati has an amazing downtown. And a part of what makes it good is the river!

The river has plenty of cruise events, and so enjoying the sunset over the river with friends and food will lead to some of the best memories of your college life!

They can be a little expensive at times, so try and save up before hand but they absolutely are worth it!

Pride Parade

Even if you identify as a cis gendered heterosexual, being an ally to your LGBTQ+ peers is important! So participate in the pride parade in June to show support and celebrate your gender identity!

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