Peaceful Spots Around Campus

Classes can get stressful. They always do. And so it is important to de-stress! Everyone has a different way to do so. Some of my friends watch TV for it. Some hang out with their friends. Some go out to eat and treat themselves. And some window shop at Target!

I personally try to go outside and just change my environment to let off some heat. Being a spiritual person, I try to find places and ways that I can center myself before I start working again so that I have a fresh mind. Here are a few places that I like to visit and be sure to check them out!

Burnet Woods

Burnet Woods is probably the first thing every Clifton-ite will tell you about. It’s a beautiful 90 acre green space located towards the north side of the campus, near Ludlow Street and is a great way to get in touch with nature. It has plenty trails, open spaces, barbeque spot, and a nature’s center! To put the cherry on the top, it also has an amazing lake!

Be sure to check it out as soon as you can!

Burnet Woods Lake

Bellevue Park

Maybe you live on the south side of the campus and the walk to Burnet woods is too long. Worry not! Bellevue Park is a tiny part with some breathtaking view of the downtown Cincinnati. I have visited it during sunsets and at night and have fallen in love with Cincinnati.

You can also spot fireflies over here which brings an added touch the beauty of downtown Cincinnati.

Sunset at Bellevue Park

The 86 Café

Say you’re not much of a nature’s person and want to stay indoors away from the possible bugs. Go to the 86 Café! They have one of the best aesthetics of a café around campus, and you’d be doing the good of supporting local businesses.

The staff is very friendly, and they make amazing coffee. A lot of students go there to study for hours too!

86 Cafe

So there you go! These are my top places around campus that give me a sense of peace and connect me with my being again!

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