Choosing the Right Dorm for your First Year

The first year of college is so important in your life because you will find friends forever and your place to live and enjoy your new life. That is why choosing the right dorm for you is essential. It would be the place where you will spend a whole year with people that you do not know or choose to live alone if you want.

The University of Cincinnati offers different types of housing according to what you like and your budget. Every dorm has the essentials to live in it.

Here are the residences where you can live when coming to UC:

  • Calhoun Hall:  It has dorms singles and doubles. Each floor has a kitchen where you can cook if you want. Bathrooms are shared on the floor. Each room has a microwave and a mini-fridge to keep some things you will want to take and refrigerate.
  • Campus Recreation Center Hall: this place is located in the center of UC and is right above the recreation center (gym). Here you can have your own bedroom. You share a bathroom with your roommate, the dorms are suit-styles units with 2 single bedrooms.
  • Dabney Hall: offers you dorms for 2 to 4 people. The floor has shared bathrooms and floor lounges. The hall has a kitchenette and a big TV in the lobby.
  • Daniels Hall: singles, triples, or quads on coed floors, hall lounges, and floor kitchen. Sharing bathrooms and meeting lounges on each floor.
  • Marian Spencer Hall: it is suite-style with rooms of two bedrooms and each room has two beds. A total of 4 people lives in the room and share a bathroom.
  • Morgens Hall offers you different types of dorms 2 people through 8 people. Each apartment has its kitchen and living room.
  • Siddall Hall has same-gender floors and double and single rooms. Each floor has a kitchenette and a lounge.
  • Schneider Hall is a suit-style unit which includes a kitchenette and living room. There are restaurants close to this dorm because is in Jefferson Avenue.
  • Scioto Hall has 2 to 8 person studios. iIt has a hall laundry and kitchen with living room included.
  • Stratford Heights has suites fully furnished with a shared bathroom, internet access and cable. Each bedroom has a mini fridge and microwave.

UC offers you a hundred options for every personality and budget you can afford. They are all located around campus or on campus to make it easier for students to get to know the place. Every new student needs to establish and UC offers you ways to help. Most of the residences are close to food courts or college buildings.

You can find more information in University Housing where it shows you how is in real life and has videos and pictures of the rooms offered.

Hope you find the best place for you and enjoy your stay on campus which will be amazing!

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