Culture of the United States

What is the difference between bacteria and the United States of America? If you give bacteria 200 years, it develops a culture.

As funny as this joke is, after coming to the United States, I realized it is not exactly true. America may not have a very old, traditional culture. But that does not mean it has no culture.

Here are a few things about American culture that I love and you should know when you come here!


Sports are a huge part of almost any country. However, America has sports that are almost exclusively popular in America. The top sports include American Football, Basketball, and Baseball.

The biggest game of American Football is the Superbowl. The Superbowl is the annual championship game of National Football League. This is the final game of the season and has around 100 million viewers!

Basketball may not be as exclusive to America as football might be, but March Madness is! March Madness, as the name clearly suggests, goes on during March. Essentially, the top college basketball teams come together and play elimination games of basketball. It gets very competitive and is fun to watch!

Superbowl Event


The best way to immerse yourself in any culture is by eating the food! And America stands at a unique point when it comes to food. Being a country of immigrants, America does not have a cuisine of itself. However, it does have cuisines from all around the world. The top cuisines you will find in America are Chinese food and Italian food. Who doesn’t like pizza, pasta and fried rice? But you’ll find plenty for cuisines here – Mexican , Indian , Ethiopian, Middle Eastern, etc. There is no end to it!

I’m no expert in food, but I do think USA has certain food items that are purely American. One of them is grilled cheese, and my favorite food item of all times! Other dishes can be a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, mac and cheese and chicken wings!

Grilled Cheese Sandwich


USA is huge on recreation! And that makes it a pretty fun country to live in. One of the common recreation activities, which have even caught up in almost every other part of the world, is road trip! Getting in a car, and setting of for a long trip with your friends and family would sound tiring but can be one of the best adventures ever!

Other than that, there activities like Top Golf, bowling, laser tag and many more that you can do to pass time and make memories with your friends and family!

Top Golf

Since America is a country of immigrants, be sure to bring your own culture and values to this country. Who knows, it might become a staple here!

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