How to Dress for Success

One of the most important factors that doesn’t have to be overshadowed when planning to go to career fair or an interview is dressing up appropriately, therefore here’s the widely discussed topic: How to dress for success?

During my first year at UC, I have been to the “How to dress for success” event, where I gained some knowledge from recruiters and professors on how to dress appropriately. At that event, professors even taught students how to tie a tie in the right way so that it looks professionally good. According to recruiters’ responses, 99% of the time, the candidate needs to be dressed in business professional way unless a candidate is applying to a somewhat creative vacancy.

Campus recruiters that host info sessions at universities’ colleges, company representatives that come to career fairs, and employers that interview candidates pay close attention on how the candidate is dressed up. This clearly shows whether the person has a serious approach on getting the particular job or just neglects and shows no respect to recruiter/employer. Dress for success not only means clothing that you wear but also taking care of your hair, facial hair, and nails.

Here are tips to dress for success:

This website may also be helpful for those of you who needs a more scrupulous tips and details on appropriate men and women attires:

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