Day In The Life of a CCM Musical Theatre Major

When I was deciding where I wanted to go to college I always liked to ask current students what a typical day in the life for them looks like. I used to try picture myself living in this world and I found this was a great way to know if I would be happy in that program. So I wanted to give you all a rundown of what a typical day in the life looks like for me as a Sophomore Musical Theatre Major in CCM. For the past year I have been lucky to be on a hybrid format of learning so you will see that I spend a lot of my day moving between my apartment to take class on zoom and studios in CCM for in-person classes. My schedule varies each day but my favorite (and busiest) day of the week is a Thursday, so here is what it looks like:

8:30am – wake up, COFFEE, breakfast

9:30am – 10:50am – Vocal Health class on zoom. In this class we learn how to be healthy and reliable musical theatre performers. This includes everything from the physical and scientific make-up of our vocal chords to fitness regimes.

11:00am-12:20pm – Jazz dance on campus. I have 10 minutes to make it from my apartment to class on campus but it is fun to get outside and walk with my friends to make it in time. In jazz class we warm up, stretch and then work on technique and get graded on dance combinations.

12:30pm-1:30pm – Vocal Coaching class on zoom. I then have another 10 minutes to make it back from jazz to take this class on zoom. Vocal Coaching is my favorite class of the week. We sing in small groups and get coached on our acting and performance. It is fun to be able to watch my friends perform each week.

1:30pm-1:50pm – Lunch time. Sometimes my vocal coaching class runs late but I usually try to find some time to have a quick lunch before my afternoon classes start.

2:00pm-3:10pm – Ballet class on campus. I take ballet twice a week on campus. I love ballet. I enjoy the time to work on my strength and technique that I can take into my other dance classes.

3:30pm -7:00pm – Ballet is my last class of the day. I use the next few hours to do homework for my marketing class I am taking this semester and get a workout in. I also like to cook dinner with my roommates and wind down from a busy day.

I feel lucky to have such a busy schedule and be able to take some of my classes on campus each day. As a musical theatre major we also rehearse in the evening from 7pm-11pm if cast in a show that semester.

If you would like to know more about life as a Musical Theatre major at CCM feel free to reach out to me!

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