Types of Co-op Experiences

Close your eyes and imagine you are on your co-op or an internship. Do you imagine a desk and a 9-5 job? While that is what most co-ops are, and can be fun too, co-ops are a lot more than that! The foundation of cooperative education at UC is to learn practical skills through hands on experience. In this age, experience means a lot more than an industrial job. Here are a few different experiences you can do at University of Cincinnati for a co-op:

Industrial Co-op

This is a traditional co-op where you can work at a company with experienced people. A lot of UC students do a traditional co-op. The perks of it are a chance of working at your dream company, learning from like minded experienced professionals in your industry and a chance to land a full time job after graduation.

Research Co-op

A research co-op is a great way to get your feet wet in the world of research. Some research are with a research company, and some are with professors at UC. One of the easiest way to get into research is asking your favorite what research they are working on. If that sounds interesting to you, ask them if you can join their research. You get to work under a professor along with masters and PhD candidates.

Experiential Exploration Program

Experiential Exploration Program, or an EEP is a great way to upskill yourself. UC understands that learning happens outside of classrooms, but it also happens outside of an office. And so you can use one of your co-op rotations to learn a new skill. It can be an online course, a project or any other experience that you feel will be beneficial for you. Once your co-op advisor approves it, you have to fill at least 250 hours worth of learning.

International Co-op Program

International co-op program or ICP, is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You can work for up to eight months in a country like Spain, Germany or Japan. You learn a new language and immerse yourself in the culture of a completely new country. This way you can gain a competitive edge for full-time employment with global organizations with potential for promotions and international assignments.

Good luck with all of your amazing co-op adventures, Bearcats!

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