Shopping for Groceries near Campus

Hey there! I assume you are curious about where you can buy groceries near UC’s campus. Don’t worry about this at all, since there are plenty of places for you to go buy groceries, hygiene stuff, some kind of apparel, and other items that you need.

  • The closest supermarket near the University of Cincinnati is Kroger. From my experience, most of the time I used to go to Kroger to buy whatever I need. Kroger is located at 1 W Corry St, Cincinnati, OH 45219. This is to the south-east from the UC’s campus.
Kroger supermarket
  • One of the next closest places to buy groceries and college essentials is Target small-format store. Target which is next to UC’s campus is relatively smaller than Kroger, however, the difference between Kroger and Target is that Kroger is more of a grocery store whereas Target is more of a college essentials (furniture & utensils) store. Note that I’m talking about Target which is near the University of Cincinnati. It’s located at 235 Calhoun St, Cincinnati, OH 45219.
Target small-format store
Clifton Mini Mart
  • Last but not least is for students who are able to drive or can be afforded a drive to the local store which is Walmart. This is a very great place to buy anything you need. The store is so huge which makes it a good place to find things that are difficult to find in other stores. Walmart can sometimes be relatively cheaper than other stores. It’s located at 4000 Red Bank Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45227 (not really far if you have a car).

As I said there are plenty of places to buy groceries and other things around University of Cincinnati. So don’t stress too much about it. I hope this post was helpful for you! Thanks!

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