Becoming a Resident Advisor

When you come to UC, you will stay in an on campus residence hall (sometimes called a dorm). Staying on campus comes with many perks, so be sure to check out other blogs that talk about it. However, one of the most important perks is having a resident advisor. A resident advisor is just another UC student, who is an upperclassman and is qualified to create a sense of community and safety in the building. They serve as a mentor for their residents!

If that sounds like something you want to do, be sure to apply to be an RA!

How To Apply to be an RA

Applications usually go live in the fall semester and are due towards the end of the semester in November. Once you fill out the application, you may qualify for the next round which is interview.

Interviews are usually held in early spring semester. RA position is highly competitive so be sure to bring your best foot forward! This process does change regularly, so be sure to check in with your current RA, check the RA website email the office of Residence Education and Development, or RED .


Anyone can apply to be a Resident Advisor, even if you are in your first year AND an international student! Resident Advisors are usually campus leaders who have experience that will help them fulfill the duties of the role and align with the core values of RED.

RED ensures to have a diversity in backgrounds and experiences so do not shy away from applying!

POV: me smiling but internally nervous 3 hours before my RA interview


Why should you apply to be an RA? Because its fun! And because you will learn and develop a lot. Being an RA has been one of my best experiences on campus. I have turned more disciplined, friendly and overall improved as a leader. And I am sure you will too! Plus, the free room and board are a additional sweet perks.

So when you come to campus, be sure to ask your RA about their experience and responsibility and apply if that sounds attractive to you!

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