How to Create a LinkedIn Profile for Networking

A professional LinkedIn Profile will be helpful for your job search. The interviewer is likely to Google your name before the interview. At this time, an excellent LinkedIn Profile will undoubtedly leave a good first impression on the interviewer.

Once your Profile becomes very impressive, you will find that being able to network will also become easier. The LinkedIn invitation you send will be easier to pass, and the message response rate will be significantly improved.

After doing a week of research, I prepared a Step by Step guide today to help you to create an attractive LinkedIn profile.

1. Privacy Setting

Before modifying your Profile information, first select No for Sharing Profile Update in Setting & Privacy > Privacy. Otherwise, your contacts will see that you are constantly updating or modifying your Profile.

“where is "share profile update" on linkedin”的图片搜索结果

2. Upload photos

If you don’t have a professional profile picture, you will be ignored by the recruiter. The profile photo should be dressed professionally and look directly into the camera. Try to use a head portrait or a half-length photo instead of a full-length photo.

3. Headline

You can use real names or use parentheses to indicate names you don’t use frequently. The Headline should be clear and concise.

If you have already started a job or internship, you can write a Title directly, such as Business Analyst at P&G or Investment Banking Associate at Morgan Stanley.

If you are still in school, you can state in the Headline that you are looking for a job and simply write the direction of the job you want to find, such as Marketing Student at the University of Cincinnati seeking Marketing Research Opportunities.

4. Modify URL

I guess you noticed that many people’s LinkedIn links are their names and not a bunch of garbled codes. Do you want it too? Let me teach you this great operation – open the URL link of See Contact Info Profile in your Profile.

Then you can put your name in it~

“where is "Modify URL" on linkedin”的图片搜索结果

5. Fill in the Summary

Next, fill in the Summary. If you are working or having an intern, your Summary can be your current title, previous projects, and your most important achievements. Such as:

3rd-year Supply chain Analyst at P&G with experience working on two industry-based Sector Business Units across upstream, midstream, and downstream.

Deal 1 details

Deal 2 details

If you are still in school, you can introduce your background, such as: Student at UC with internship experience in investment banking and coursework in accounting and financial modeling; currently looking for full-time investment banking analyst opportunities.

Then you can use a few bullet points to briefly describe your internship experience, leadership experience, and so on. I encourage you to utilize the Summary section as a way to tell your story. Be sure to use strong buzzwords such as ‘strategic,’ ‘focused,’ or ‘experienced.’

6. Experience

Fill in your Experience in the next step. This step is actually very simple. You can copy your experiences and paste them directly from your resume. One thing to note is that each Experience better not include too many Bullet Points, not more than 5.

LinkedIn has no space limit, so you can also highlight your Experience that you did not put on your resume.

7. Skills and Expertise

This step is important in LinkedIn. Because many recruiters choose candidates based on the keywords of their skills, and there is no limit to the number of skills in LinkedIn, the more, the better. For example, students who want to find a data analysis job should add data analyst-related keywords in Skills, such as SQL, MS Excel, R or Python, Machine Learning, etc.

8. Reset Privacy

In the last step, after updating your Profile, change your homepage to Visible in Privacy again. Let everyone see your updated Profile!

The above is what we need to pay attention to in the LinkedIn profile. Students should improve their LinkedIn profile before looking for a job. A professional personal homepage will play a very important role in your job search process.

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