College Essentials for After You Arrive in the USA

Hey there! Today, I’m here with the topic of essential items that a student needs to purchase after they move into their residence halls. Most of the time, you (as a student) are worried about how you are going to buy all of the items. I want to say: don’t worry about this because someone will likely offer to drive you to a big local store or a shopping mall to buy stuff that you need. Also, you can get into mutual agreement with your roommate(s) to go together to buy things that you both need in your dorm like an area rug or a couch.

However, if you are going to go by yourself, I recommend the following:

  1. Academic and Study items:
    • pens, pencils, highlighters
    • notebooks and organizers
    • printer, printer paper and ink
  2. Bedding:
    • sheets (find out the dorm bed size before buying sheets!)
    • blankets/quilts
    • pillow covers
    • extra pillow(s)
  3. Bathroom and Grooming Items:
    • soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and conditioner
    • other toiletries like q-tips, nail clippers, mouthwash, contact solution, deodorant, etc
    • mini first-aid kit
    • shower caddy (for carrying items to the dorm bathroom)
    • portable makeup kit (if you wear makeup)
    • hair dryer
    • shower flip flops
    • towels and washcloths
  4. Organization and Furnishing Items:
    • bed risers (these lift your dorm bed so you can fit more items underneath it)
    • rug
    • additional seating (such as a folding chair)
    • storage bins for under the bed
    • other storage items such as shoe caddies and plastic crates
    • laundry bag
    • clothes hangers
    • lamps
    • bulletin board or dry erase board; posters, photographs, and other decor
    • mirror
  5. Other items:
    • mini refrigerator
    • microwave, hot plate, coffeemaker, etc. (check your college’s rules about these first!)
    • surge protectors
    • extension cords
    • fan
  6. Cleaning and food items:
    • handheld mini vacuum
    • unbreakable dishes, cups, and mugs
    • utensils, bottle opener, can opener
    • water filter pitcher
    • small plastic food storage tubs
    • trash can and trash bags
    • laundry detergent
    • stain remover
    • small broom and dust pan

Moreover, I’m giving you the following dorm room essentials checklist so that you can print it out and use it. This way is much easier for you to not forget anything needed by ticking the items you already bought:

Don’t overwhelm yourself with thinking that you need to buy everything all at once! You will know for sure what to buy once you get to the USA because you never know what your dorm mate will bring with themselves, for example, a mirror or maybe instead of using your dorm mate’s microwave you will want to buy your own one. You can also buy things second-hand or used from students who are moving or from thrift stores in the Cincinnati area. This is a great way to save money on everyday items.

So, don’t stress too much about these things, once you settle down in your residence hall, everything will be way easier because you will not be alone!

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