Best Apps & Websites to Find Affordable Flights

Flying can be very expensive, especially if you are a college student trying to find cheap flights to go to different places. Flights come in a variety of prices depending on where are you going, when are you are buying it, and if it is during holidays or vacations.

Here are some apps I use to buy my tickets to go to the USA or go back home to Peru:

  • Skyscanner: This app can show you where can you go according to your budget. It gives you time to think, and alerts you if the price goes down or up. If you are flexible, it shows you which days are cheaper to travel and more convenient for you.
Cheap flights | Free flight comparison at
  • Hopper: I have used this app more than once and it allowed me to see where could I go for cheap and when are the best months to travel to a certain country. I love it because I can reserve my flight, my hotel, and car rental in the same app. You get everything in one app according to what you want and discounts in different hotels.
Cómo encotrar vuelos baratos, app Hopper | Cómo viajar sola

Some websites will be:

  • Google Flights: You can put the days you wish to travel and see when it is cheaper to fly. It gives you the prices according to your flexibility and tells you if the price is affordable to buy at the moment.
Google Flights llega volando a México, el buscador y comparador de vuelos  ya está disponible en nuestro país
  • Expedia: This website allows you to choose more specifically. You can put how many travelers, when you want to departure, which airline, any stops or not, and what type of ticket you want according to your necessities. presenta su página web en español para los EE. UU.

These are some of the ones I used the most because it gives me affordable flights and shows me real prices, instead of going to each airline website to see how much the ticket costs. You can save money if you are going for vacations or work.

I highly recommend using them. It is going to make your life more easy and gives you options to where you can go around the world for an affordable price.

Safe travels!

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