My favorite carryout food options in Cincinnati

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bearcats who crave delicious food may be missing out on their favorite restaurants. While the pandemic might continue for a while, there is still the option to order carryout. In order to spread positive energy and soothe the stomachs of everyone staying at home, I would like to recommend some great restaurants that I have ordered from recently!

  1. AmerAsia (Kungfood Chu‘s)

521 Madison Ave, Covington, KY 41011

Imagine what can help you withstand the cold during the winter in Cincinnati? A heater, a big massive jacket, or a hug from someone you love? For me, a four-level spicy Imperial Beef stew noodle from AmerAsia is enough. Although this is an American Chinese restaurant, I believe their food is authentic, especially its Imperial Beef stew noodle. Not only does this dish include juicy beef, fresh noodles, and flavorful broth – the price is very affordable for college students. In my opinion, it is the best soup to warm you up during the winter season in Cincinnati.

If you are trying it for the first time, I recommend the Steamed Dumplings as an appetizer and then ordering a regular size Imperial Beef stew noodle. I believe that AmerAsia, as one of my favorite restaurants in the United States, will not let you down.

It opens at noon and evening from Monday to Saturday. You can order through GRUBHUB and telephone.

2. Richie‘s Fast food Restaurant

1301 Linn St, Cincinnati, OH 45203

Richie’s spicy fried chicken is the absolute best fried chicken I have ever tasted! The fried chicken here not only has the right ratio of flour to chicken but also the chicken and bones can be easily separated. The most important thing is that the chicken is juicy and delicious, with a mouth-watering aroma. At the same time, Richie’s down-home sides feature southern and soul food classics, including mashed potatoes & gravy, mac & cheese, coleslaw, candied yams, and greens. Although Richie’s restaurant’s appearance looks ordinary, I believe the owner devotes more effort to the development of authentic and high-quality food. Also, 25 years of operation can prove its strength.

It opens every day at 10 AM, you can order food through Doordash, Grubhub or Drive-through.

3. Amol India Carry Out Restaurant

527 York St #1842, Newport, KY 41071

Amol’s food is always very fresh and hot. The seasonings are perfectly blended and compliment the vegetables and meats. My friends and I have tried many of the main dishes and they never disappoint. There is always extra rice, which we freeze and use for future dishes.

Amol’s Goat Curry is my favorite dish. While goat may not be every person’s typical go-to protein, I highly recommend this dish because the meat is very tender and delicious! Do keep in mind that this dish has bones inside, so chew it slowly when you eat it.

This restaurant opens every Tuesday to Sunday. You can order food through GRUBHUB and phone.

It should be noted that the three restaurants I recommended are all minority businesses! It is very important to support local and or minority-owned restaurants so they can continue to thrive and serve incredible ethnic-inspired food.

Hope you guys enjoy it! 🙂

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