Volunteer Opportunities During COVID-19

As you might have known, if you are a scholarship recipient at UC, you are responsible for completing 15 hours of community service for each semester you use the scholarship (More information of Scholarship Renewal Requirements here).

During COVID-19, not everyone is able to volunteer in-person. Therefore, in this blog, you can find several virtual volunteering opportunities with flexible schedules that might work for you.

1. ENGin- International English Tutoring

Source: ENGin Website

ENGin is a non-profit organization that help connect new English learners with English speakers to conduct weekly online speaking sessions. They are working with high school and college-age students. Participants are matched based on preferences, interests and availability. As the students have studied English, focusing on grammar rules is not needed – just chat about school, the latest news stories, favorite books and movies, holiday plans, or anything else that’s on your mind! ENGin also provide tons of resources, activities, and ideas for you to use. To learn more and potentially join the team, follow this link or email info@enginprogram.org.

2. Bearcat Coders

Source: ACM- Bearcat Coders

Bearcat Coders is a nationally recognized community outreach program (partnering with companies like Google in the past) to encourage elementary school, middle school and high school students to pursue their interests in technology. They’re looking for volunteers for our program to engage and mentor students in their IT classes for an hour a week throughout the semester. No prior coding experience is required, although you can learn to code along with the students. We serve Hughes STEM High School (which is a walking distance from UC’s main campus). Volunteering with us qualifies for service hours for scholarships like Cincinnatus/Turner. Click this link to access more information. 

Contact Liz Tremblay (tremblea@mail.uc.edu) or Mariam Bahassi (bahassmm@mail.uc.edu) to sign up.

3. Black & Latino Achievers Program

Source: Achievers Website

They are looking for volunteers who have a passion for young people and who are willing to share their knowledge, wisdom, experience, and expertise to help cultivate the hearts, minds, and souls of our future leaders. This opportunity would help to develop career cluster curriculum (public speaking, finance, entrepreneurship, Youth & Government/social actions/social justice, STEM, and more).

Your responsibilities include:

  • Clearly communicating and articulating the various aspects of you career/career field, journey, and overall passion for the work you do; answering participants’ questions about career/career field.
  • Help to facilitate 6 -16 and Success Bound Curriculum for grades 7-12

For more information, see website or contact their Teen Champion Director Jared Roper at jroper@cincinnatiymca.org.

4. Virtual Mentoring: Girls Club

Source: CYC Website

Girls club consists of 8-12 girls, providing a safe and welcoming environment for afternoons after school, and offer various activities aimed to open the girls’ minds to the broader human experience.

As virtual mentors, each woman fills a vital role in the lives of participating girls. They serve as a positive role model and coach, promoting girls’ self-esteem and empowerment. CYC Virtual Girls Club volunteers set the example for the kind of women we want the girls to become: confident, committed, compassionate, and able to work in harmony on a racially, economically, and generationally diverse team. 

Sign up on UC website or CYC website

For more opportunities, visit volunteer.uc.edu.

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