Student Orientation Leaders & Why You Should Become One!

Every summer, before the school year begins, the University of Cincinnati offers a welcoming program called New Student Orientation. This program aims to help new students transitioning smoothly to UC, where they will call home for the next 4-5 years. Student Orientation Leaders ( aka SOLs ) are the student leaders of this program. And this summer of 2020, I am grateful to have the opportunity to become a SOL.

SOLs are a diverse group of current UC students. We had to go through a complicated hiring process, which consist of applications, interviews and lastly, a mini camp. Because of its complexity, SOLs are a very widely-known and prestigious program among the UC community. In a typical summer, SOLs are responsible to welcome new students through different activities and show them how to be a Bearcat. While it is a lot of fun, it is not an easy job, that is why after you completed the program, you have a really high chance to get any other jobs on campus! Because of COVID, Orientation was online this summer and so were the SOLs. Things might be a lot different than other summers but we have had a good time thus far.

The best thing about being a SOL is that I get to meet many people from different backgrounds, we did a hang out day on Sigma Sigma Commons and a hiking and camping trip. I get to learn so many cool facts about the University and get to work with the college I love, the Lindner College of Business. I also got some cool and exclusive swags such as a UC backpack and UC polo shirts. Also, being a SOL does come with another huge benefit: free on-campus housing for the summer!

Many students apply to be a SOL every year because it builds your characters and professionalism. From early mornings to nightly activities, it requires a lot of sacrifice from the students but at the end of the summer, you are a better version of yourself. With that being said, you would be regarded highly at every job you apply to just because you were a SOL. You also get a lot of respect from your peers because they all know that it is very competitive to become a SOL.

But don’t let it discourages you. SOLs are selected to work as a team so you don’t have to be that out-going person in order to be a SOL. In fact, the Orientation Office really values people who can be authentic to themselves and prove that they are willing to learn and to be better.

So why don’t you try to apply for SOLs and have the best summer of your college life? Here is the link to apply : . The application starts around November and goes all the way until January!

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