Tips for Living on Campus

Hello guys, congratulations on being accepted at the University of Cincinnati, you should all be proud of yourselves. It has been a long and unexpected journey for all of you but you have made it!

I guess the next question is “what’s next?” I was very encouraged to see your enthusiasm and excitement to come to UC on our webinar and I just want to share with you my top 3 tips for living on campus to make the best out of your freshman year:

Make use of your resources

One of the best reasons for freshman students to live on campus is to get acquainted with it, so here are some resources you can use:

  • Residence Advisors (RAs): They are one of the best informed people on campus, they will be living amongst you guys and to make sure that you are enjoying your first year in college. They should be the first people you reach out to with any questions.
  • Campus Rec Center: Best place on campus, in my opinion. They have everything you need at the gym, from an Olympic-sized pool to basketball courts to free weights, they have it all!
  • Student Organizations: UC is home to over 400 student organizations, with a wide variety of interests, so get involved and make connections!
  • Professors: They are there for you and you can definitely build relationships with them. They will help you to develop professionally.

Get to know your roommates

  • They are literally the very first people you will meet at UC so put effort into building these relationships. You can go get food with them, hangout with them, go to sporting events or just even walk to class together. Your roommates will be your brothers/sisters for a whole year and even longer! Getting to know them and what is going on in their lives are crucial parts of building a good relationship. That is what college has taught me thus far.

Keep track of your progress

  • Freshman year is fun, maybe too much fun…but it is important to keep track of your progress. Check to see if you have any issues with any classes and seek help, keep track of your grades and even your goals for the future, it can be something such as when you will have your co-ops or internships or even looking for a campus job.

Lastly, I just want to thank you guys for reading this and here is a bit update from me: I will no longer be your Student Ambassador this summer, but instead, I will be a Student Orientation Leader! Orientation this summer is going to be online and I hope I can get to meet some of you then 🙂

Once a Bearcat, always a Bearcat!

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