Ways to Communicate with your Family/Friends if you are Far from Home

If you are away from home and cannot see your family and friends, there are so many ways to chat with them. Nowadays, technology can make everything possible and one of them is being able to see your family and friends through different apps and talk to them whenever you want.

Some of them are:

  1. Skype: it is an app where you can chat and do video calls with someone by adding their phone or email. It can be used for work too where the other person can share their screen with you being able to share information at the same time. You can do it as a group call.
  2. Google Duo: in this app or website you can add your phone number and create and account with your gmail. Then, add the other person’s phone number or email and you will be able to call or video chat with them.
  3. WhatsApp: this is an app to chat like messenger where you can talk and send messages to people from around the world. It allows you to add 4 people to your video call.
  4. Messenger: this is a common app to video chat and it is fun because you can add filters to your face.

Most of this apps can be used without having a phone, you just need a computer or laptop with a camera. Do to this quarantine, there is a new app that many people have been using it. It is House Party which is a social networking app that allows up to 8 people to video chat at once in a “room.” Users receive a notification when friends open the app and can join chats with friends. You can play different games in this app such as trivia, chips and guac, and many others.

Being far away from your family/friends does not have to be difficult, you can organize your time and have some fun talking to them and sharing how is everything going with you.

I hope you use one of these apps to communicate with your people. Finally, I would highly recommend you to download Houseparty is very fun!!

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