American Slang

The most interesting part of the communication in any culture. This blog is about some of American slang words/phrases that people use in the US. Youngsters use a lot of slang words in order to make the conversation simpler between each other while making it hard for people whose language is not English…

Slang doesn’t often follow the grammar rules, so don’t be confused when you hear/see them.

The benefits of learning slang are:

  1. You will understand modern culture better
  2. You will understand young Americans
  3. You will feel like you are part of the culture

So I made some research and also asked my friends what kind of words they don’t understand and this is how I came up with the following slang words:

Let’s start with easy ones that are short versions of some words:

  • wanna = want to
  • gonna = going to
  • gotta = got to/have to
  • gotcha = got you/understand what you are saying
  • lemme = let me
  • gimme = give me
  • doncha = don’t you
  • ain’t = am not, are not, is not, have not, has not
  • aight = alright
  • cuz = because

Now moving to American slang:

  • Drip or Swag. Extreme coolness, perfect style.
    • Example: “You’ve got the drip or you’re dripping” means “Your look or style is extremely fashionable and cool”
  • Bail. To exit, to leave in a hurry, to take off.
    • Example: “Dude I’m gonna bail” means “Man, I’m going to leave”
  • Chillin. Spending time with your friends. Relaxed, hanging out, good vibes. If you are in a “chill” mood, you can just be kind of relaxed. You can chill anywhere, anywhere can be a chill spot.
    • Example: “I’m chillin” means “I’m relaxing, doing nothing special”
  • For real (My favorite!).  Speaking honestly and truthfully. Describes the time when you agree with someone or the time when you are completely serious what you are saying.
    • Example: “He pisses me off, for real” means “I’m getting angry because of him, seriously”
  • Hella (Northern Californian) – A very casual slang word used as an adjective to describe something that is really good.
    • Example: “Waves are hella good; it’s a great day to surf” means waves are really good.
  • Bae. Short form of “Before anyone else”, referring to a beloved individual like a significant other.
  • Dawg or Homie. Describe very close friend.
    • Example: “Yo whassup homie?” means “Hey, what’s up my friend?”
  • Lit. Travis Scott made it very popular because he says it in his songs like “It’s lit”. Meaning cool, awesome, great.
  • Flex. Means to show off, can be used both in positive way and negative, but most of the time, it’s used in a positive way.
    • Example: if you have a good car, you can flex it, if you have a cool hairstyle, you can flex it too.
  • To be done with smth. Means to give up, have no intention to do smth anymore.
    • Example: “I’m done with it” or “I’m over it” meaning “I’m not going to do it anymore”
  • To ghost. Means to ignore someone.
    • Example: “I’m gonna have to ghost him until he gets the point” means “I will ignore him until he understands it”
  • To slay it. Means you did a great job on something or you looked cool by doing something. Briefly, you succeeded in something amazing.
    • Example: “You slayed it” means “You did a great job”
  • G.O.A.T. (Also, my favorite). Stands for “Greatest Of All Time.
    • Example: “He is G.O.A.T.” means “He is the best

Remember! Slang is not used in the professional world. However, it’s a great way to feel included in an American culture and communicate with friends easily!

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