Spring in Cincinnati – Parks Near Campus!

Bellevue Park hang

It is Spring now in Cincinnati, based on my experience here at UC, I have noticed that Cincinnati has 4 distinguished seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. As much as I love the snow in the Winter, I definitely appreciate the good news when Spring comes, I love seeing a clear sky with sunshine and that I do not have to wear a jacket everywhere I go!

I visited 2 parks really close to campus in the video and here is their address if you want to check them out:

+ Bellevue Park : Park Dr, Cincinnati, Ohio 45219, a nice short walk from UC’s campus and you get the best views of downtown Cincinnati, you can see the whole city and part of Kentucky on the other side of the Ohio River. Best to watch sunset!

+ Burnet Woods Park: 3251 Brookline Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45220. It is just steps away from UC’s campus and is known to have 4 distinguished views for each season. There is a lake, hiking trails, a nature center, bandstand, and playground. Definitely a place worth checking out.

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