Websites for Buying a Car in the US

When someone asks me what I focused my attention on when I came to live in the United States, my answer is: get my license and car done as quickly as possible. That’s because in some parts of the United States, there are only a few sporadic bus lines and they can be infrequent, so it can be hard to go anywhere without a car. Today I’m going to talk about how to buy a car in the U.S.

Buying a car is a lot of money for international students. So, the used-car market in America is very popular. If you have the money, you can buy a new car completely, and you do not need to consider the car’s historical record, damage and other things. But there are many people who buy used cars in the United States. The used car market in the United States is very developed, and there is a big discount for buying used cars. From the perspective of cost performance, most students will still choose to buy used cars. From the economic point of view, the general choice of Japanese cars, because the Japanese car fuel consumption and stand up to high mileage consumption. Secondly, European cars are popular among international students. Although the maintenance cost is high, it is safe, reliable and comfortable, which is suitable for students with a loose budget. American cars again. Comprehensive performance and fuel consumption are not as the first two, but because it is a local car, maintenance and repair are very convenient. And because of its high horsepower and gorgeous appearance, American cars are popular with many people.

The commonly used automobile websites in the United States include,,, etc. Fill in you telephone number and email on the website, and the automobile dealers in the area will email you the quotation. If you are at work, you may receive a reply in less than half an hour. Following are some websites for query:

  • The professional website that provides automobile information can provide new car used car price, used car appraisal, automobile related policy, automobile loan, automobile evaluation and so on for the user.
  • Professional car evaluation company. there is a special valuation method for used car evaluation, scientific and rigorous, it is worth reference for car buyers.
  • It can check the price of a car, compare prices, and can provide other buyers in the same area to buy the same model of car to pay the price.

Here are some common websites for buying cars:

  • Cars: Cars is an authoritative website for car purchase in the United States. It has a simple interface and many users review dealers.
  • eBay: A lot of people think eBay is not primarily about buying cars. In America, however, eBay is a very big platform for buying cars. According to statistics, eBay motor has more than 10 million-page views each year.
  • Craigslist: I believe that most international students have heard of the universal Craigslist. This website is mostly private sellers and buyers, so it is relatively uninsured, but the price will be much more favorable than the above two websites.

So many choices above, I hope to help you find your dream car 🙂

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