On-campus Jobs

I started UC in spring of 2019 and then I took a full credit summer course to get in alignment with people who started in fall. It was more of a personal choice than a mandatory move. In the beginning I felt like I did not get as many opportunities as I started later than most people. But that proved not to be true.

In my third semester, fall 2019, I received an email from the international office about the international office seeking student ambassadors to represent UC at an international level. At first, I thought that the email was a scam, but I could not have missed an opportunity like that. I emailed the person right back with my resume and a cover letter. Just a couple weeks later my current supervisor emailed me to inform that I have got the job. I still remember that exact moment and my joy was uncontainable. As a student ambassador I get the privilege to communicate with a lot of students and applicants while helping them through the application process. I also write a lot of blogs about my experience at UC. I also manage the front desk at the Office of International Admissions, where all the applications for admissions get processed. I have also participated in some global projects with my awesome supervisors. I am glad that my first job became the most amazing experience of my life.

Around the same time in fall 2019, I applied to become a learning assistant at the learning commons. The learning commons is the center of learning and tutoring out of class. If a student has doubts in some selected subjects of math and sciences, they can take the help of the learning commons, where tutors (mostly undergrad students who have aced the course) can help them with their doubts. In general, it is one of best resources UC has to offer related to studies. I took an applied calculus (MATH-1044) course in the very first semester and I got a good grade in that course, hence I decided to become a Learning assistant in that course. As a learning assistant, I help students with their doubts in-class and hold an office hour outside of class each week . As an international student, I have learned a lot about effective communication and accountability while being an LA.

In January 2020, I applied to be a Student Orientation Leader and after a subjective application, I was called for the mini-camp (a day filled with fun activities). After the two unique stages of interviews I got to become a SOL for summer 2020 and welcome all the incoming freshman.

To sum up, yes, I currently work two jobs at UC and there are many more. For example, most of the front desks of the UC buildings is controlled by a student and quite a few of my friends work as desk assistants. Many of these people are freshmen, in their first and second semester. Jobs.uc.edu is a website specially dedicated to offer jobs to student.

As an international student, one might feel that it would be difficult to get a job, but that is clearly not the case at UC. UC gives everyone a fair chance.

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