How to Cope with Quarantine and Remain Healthy

Right now, a lot of people around the world are being told to stay home to slow down the spread of the novel Coronavirus. It is a new lifestyle that we have to adapt to and it can be hard for some people and I am not an exception. Here are 4 tips I think will help us to go through this hard time :

1) Start with creating a routine,you should keep it as similar as before. Set out time to make sure you are taking care of yourself both physically and mentally. Make sure you are being productive and do whatever you are supposed to do – that can be getting your work done or doing on-line classes.

2) Stay active, you can go out for a walk, get that fresh air in or you can work out at home with body-weight exercises.

3) Eat your meals and make sure you eat healthy. Get more vitamins in and stay hydrated.

4) This can be a perfect time to reach out to your friends and your family to stay on the same page with your loved ones. Thank you technology for making that possible!

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