UC and COVID-19 Update

As many of you already know, COVID-19 is spreading around the world very fast. Due to this virus the University of Cincinnati has decided to implement a remote instruction for classes which means students will be taking their classes via online until the end of the Spring semester. Another changes in the university are:

  • UC has also said students who lives in campus should move by March 25th but international students can fill a waiver to stay on campus if they cannot go back home.
  • Dining and residence halls will be open for students to grab food and students moving out will get a refund of what they paid for the remaining of the semester.
  • UC Offices will remain open and International Admissions will continue to receive and process documents, review applications, answer phone calls, and respond to emails and WhatsApp.

The University of Cincinnati is working to protect everyone’s health and help students in need of housing or food. UC is hoping to get back to face-to-face classes by Fall Semester and it is making sure every student can have the opportunity to get good grades in their classes this semester. They are providing different ways where professor and students can communicate via online so students can ask questions and be able to understand their course.

For more information and updates about what is happening with the university right now you can click in this link: https://www.uc.edu/publichealth.html .

Please be safe and I hope you and your family are healthy and safe!

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