A Campus for Students

University of Cincinnati’s campus is a very unique campus. It’s the perfect size and amount of facilities. One of my favorite campus areas is the Tangeman University Center (TUC). There you can find a big food court with a diverse selection of delicious menus to choose from. TUC also has study areas, social areas, the bookstore, a big ball room for events, a movie theater and other services.

Tangeman University Center (TUC)

TUC is not the only place with multiple resources; many buildings and facilities across campus have different services and resources that you may need throughout your college journey. Also, the most important thing I really love about campus is the amount of study space you can access.  Generally, every building has a study area, so you can have your choice from the variety offered.

UC also offers many other great services to ensure student success. For example, we have a big recreational center that includes a gym, swimming pools, basketball courts – it’s free for full-time students! One of the other many great resources we have on campus is Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), where students have access to student-centered, inclusive, and effective mental health services, free of charge.

There are other many amazing accessible resources that are available to make sure you’re successful on campus and that’s what makes coming to UC a unique experience.

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