Cost of UC on-campus housing

As a first-year student coming to the University of Cincinnati(UC), very often, you will be required to live on campus. The purpose is to help first-year students get used to the environment at UC and it is a good way to build connections. However, deciding which residence hall to live in out of the 12 that UC offers can be nerve-wracking. Today, I will talk about some of the differences between the dorms and what makes them so different.

UC has a wide variety of different dorms for students to live in but we can break it down to 3 main categories: Traditional, Suite, and Apartment style. 

First, let’s talk about Traditional-style dorms: 

+ Including Dabney, Daniels, Calhoun and Siddall Hall, they are the most affordable Residence Hall on campus. These dorms are best fit for outgoing and sociable students.

Siddall room

+ There are options for singles, doubles, triples or quads( 4 people) room. Each floor will have a study lounge, community bathroom and a common kitchen. There are also lobby lounges available at each of these residence halls with ping-pong tables, pool tables, and maybe TV. 

+ With a recommended unlimited meal plan for first-year students,the cost of living in traditional-style dorms will range between $11,875- $12,960 per academic year. 

Second, it will be Suite-style dorms: 

   + Including CRC building, Turner, Schneider, Marian Spencer, and Stratford Heights dorms. These dorms give you more personal space, perfect for academic-driven students. 

+ As a suite-style accommodation, there will be options for single-occupied or double-occupied bedrooms, connected via a shared bathroom. Each suite has a convenience of a private bathroom area, microfridge, and a common living room. 

Suite-style in Turner

+ With an unlimited meal plan, the cost of living in suite-style dorms will range between $13,060- $14,130 per academic year.  

Finally,  Apartment-style dorms:

+ Including Morgens, Scioto, University Park Apartments(UPA) and the Deacon. These dorms give you the convenience just like living in your own house. Perfect for students who want to have an off-campus lifestyle.

UPA room with your own utilities

+ Each dorm will have small differences, but they all offer two, three, four and five- bedroom apartments, which include all utilities such as having a private bathroom area, kitchen and a common living area. You can choose to either have your own room or share it with another person. The best thing about these dorms is that you get to stay on campus for free even when UC is closed for breaks, and for the rest of the dorms, you will have to pay a fee in order to stay.    

+ With an unlimited meal plan, the cost of living is ranged between $14,080- $14,650 per academic year. However, because there is a private kitchen in each apartment, you do not have to purchase an unlimited meal plan, so the cost itself will be from $9,270- $9,830 per academic year. 

This is the link if you want to have more information about on-campus housing:

Link for housing rates:

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