Latinx En Accion (LEA) Student Group

When I chose UC, I did not know if I would find people who understands my culture. but UC has more than 500 student organizations around campus that you can get involved with. You will find clubs, sports organizations, fraternities or sororities. You can click this link to see every organization on campus.

I am from South America so I was looking for a club about my culture and I found Latinx En Accion (LEA). Going to their events or meetings is so fun, I learn different things from every country in South America. LEA is not just for Latinos, everyone is welcome to come and enjoy with us.

LEA offers you opportunities to volunteer in different events such as International Taste, World Fest or go to different high schools to help students with Spanish. I volunteered at Center Court dining hall by serving food and making some empanadas, which are delicous – you should definitely try them! Also, LEA collects some money to help people in Puerto Rico due to a climate disaster by selling some snack or desserts.

Being part of LEA makes me feel at home and welcome. They give you support and help you as much as they can. Members of the organization are focus in spread their culture and identity. Their meeting is once a month from 5pm to 6pm at McMicken 354. We talk about different holidays we celebrate or opportunities to get involved in campus. LEA also gives you the option to learn how to dance salsa which is a rhythm. In Latinoamérica, salsa is pretty known to be dance in parties, holidays or even just going to the gym for zumba.

I hope you want to be part of LEA. It is a great organization to learn about another culture and make friends from around the world. We will love seeing new people in Latinx En Accion!

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