My Business Community

I am a student in the Lindner College of Business at the University of Cincinnati. I think the college has quite distinct policies, which helps people network better. This has helped me develop my own learning community. 

In comparison to other college communities, I think there is a lot more communication among Lindner students. We have a lot of events like dress to impress and career fairs, which help us meet a lot more people. All Lindner students go through a class that promotes staying connected with people on LinkedIn and other social media sites. There are also many different learning communities which help students stay and study together. 

I think one of the benefits of being a Lindner student is that I get the advantage of career services. The Career Services is the office in the Lindner college which helps students with a variety of things; they can be as small as editing a resume or as big as finding a co-op. The feature that helps me the most is their mock interviews. Before every major interview, I just go the career services walk-in hours (without appointment) and try to give my best performance as an interviewee. They are also known to be the master of salary negotiations. 

With all the benefits of staying connected I have met a lot of new people who have helped me get to places where I currently stand. I have my own learning community which is made up of people with quite diverse backgrounds. We study and work together on weekends and this helps everyone to solve their doubts. The most important outcome of being in this business community is that I become familiar with the way American students learn and prepare for exams. It is helpful because it is focused on long-term retention. 

Being in a community gives me a sense of belonging and helps me perform better on all aspects of university learning. 

It is all about finding your space at UC.

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