College Hill Neighborhood

College Hill is the neighborhood where I live with my host family. I live off campus because I’m a Junior right now. College Hill is a small community that has been revitalizing for a few years, and is a relatively affordable place for people to buy homes in Cincinnati. I would say it is about 15 minutes from campus if you are driving or 20 minutes by bus. I love living outside of campus and in a different community. I get to see more things and different places.

In College Hill, you will find amazing restaurants or cafes where you can go sit and have a good time. They offer you a variety of food like Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, American, Italian, and a coffee shop where you can go get tasty desserts or smoothies. Here are some of them.

Also, the coffee shop is a place loved by kids and adults because they have a mini store inside where you find games, gifts for you or your family and friends. The coffee shop has live music every Sunday at brunch time or on Friday nights. On the other hand, you have Brink brewery where you go with your friends to have a nice night and meet new people. Brink is known for selling good beer. 

By the way, if you love plants, there is a trendy store called Fern that offers you different plants for your office, house or restaurants. They customize and design your perfect plant to decorate your place.

But College Hill is more than that. Around where I live is very peaceful and you can go for a run, walk, or play. People are very nice and they will look after you. Personally, I like to get involved around College Hill and learn new things about the American culture. 

Parks are the most beautiful place to go for a walk, play or eat.  Some parks are Pies Park, Veterans Park, McEvoy park and many more. For me, College Hill is wonderful and gives me a break from the university when I need it.

I highly recommend you visit this community, let me know if you do, I can give you a tour 🙂 !

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