Changing Majors at UC

In 10th grade I was a regular high school student in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. I was the youngest in my class and I didn’t really have clue about what my lifelong career was going to be. I did not like math and commerce, and I was more of a biology person. Also, my father, a doctor, had a significant influence on me while growing up, hence I chose biology as my mainstream subject and finished high school with it.

I started the University of Cincinnati with a major in biological sciences and took a normal coursework of a mix of subjects. My advisor did not put any pressure on me to take all the core subjects. After exploring some of the classes, I decided that biology was not something for me. I would just attend my friends’ business classes and that convinced me to take business as my major. Forming financial models and the concept of world economy were the most interesting topics to me. Therefore, I changed my major from biological sciences to business economics. This also changed my home college from College of Arts and Sciences to Lindner College of Business. And this was a big change!

After getting into business economics (Bachelor of Business Administration), I looked at the upper elective courses and I was not satisfied with them. They were just higher courses about economics. Then, I decided to change my major to finance, whose upper elective courses were fascinating and complicated. This was the second time I changed my major.

My final major is finance with a certificate course in legal studies. I went through this seemingly long process, but it was as seamless as it could get. I just had to consult my adviser and work with the credit transfer from major to major. All of my courses counted towards one or the other requirement and no time of mine was wasted. Every transition I did was on the internet and it took me minutes to do so.

At UC, everyone is free to go according to their preferences. Except a few timely restrictions, a certain minimum GPA and course requirements, there are no other barriers stopping you.

Picture of the Lindner College of Business.

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