University of Cincinnati : DAAP Curriculum

Being an undergraduate architecture student and being a student in DAAP is a very unique experience within the university’s experience. Although I have lived in Cincinnati for three years, I am always learning about the city and the University as well. So far, my classes have been really interesting and very informative. I don’t have traditional exams or midterms because my core major classes all consist of projects and a series of iterations leading to a final review with critiquing juries. It is a little bit more stressful than regular exams because you always have to speak during presentations to talk about your work, this process sharpens your public speaking skills. In the end of the year we usually have an art show where we showcase our best work of the semester to faculty, parents, and friends who come out to support.

Here are some pictures of what my promotion did for some of our projects:


Here are some pictures of what I personally did for some of our projects:





Another nice opportunity was given to us as First-year students in DAAP, was to participate in the light festival in Cincinnati called BLINK. We got to design our costumes from an everyday object and walk wearing them as a group in the parade. First-year architecture students got laundry baskets and had to create something fun out of them. Other students used different everyday materials to create beautiful costumes.



Overall, I really appreciate the experience of being in Architecture school. The faculty I’ve had, have been nice to me, understanding and helpful. They make sure that you are learning and push you to produce the best projects.


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