Real-World Education at UC

The University of Cincinnati is known for its experience-based learning and you can see the application of this concept right in the first-year students’ curriculum. 

As a freshman in the Lindner College of Business, I have already been exposed to real work experience my first semester with Project Strategy. Project Strategy basically put us into different teams and we do a SWOT analysis on real companies. 

The company that me and my team had was IKEA and we had the pleasure to meet up with the region manager of IKEA and tour the store as well as asking them questions about the company’s operation. Our team then selected the CEO, the vice president, as well as the team leaders. Each team has different tasks and for my team, we had to do research and find out about IKEA’s threats. After all teams are done with our research, we got back together as one big group, made the powerpoint slides, and then presented in front of the company’s managers together. 

Learning how to work as a team is what I learned from Project Strategy, doing something professional such as a SWOT analysis is one of the best ways to get used to the business world as a freshman. Working as a team for sure is not always easy but it helps a lot when it comes down to accomplishing the task that we can’t really do by ourselves. 

The Lindner College of Business at University of Cincinnati gives freshman students a lot of opportunities to get acquainted with the real business world. This program is truly unique and it will help you to have a competitive advantage in your career.

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