Fighting Against Cancer on Campus

The Colleges Against Cancer (CAC) student organization on campus works with Relay for Life- American Cancer Society to fundraise and advocate for cancer. This year’s event will be held on UC’s campus and aims to unite survivors, fighters, and caregivers. 

At the beginning of my fall semester, I got an email from CAC introducing the student organization and what they will be doing during the year; they also mentioned that for being a part of the club we can get 30 service hours and just attending the event we get 15. After my new student orientation on August 20th, I was also required to attend a scholarship orientation. At the scholarship orientation we were told that we need to fulfill 30 hours of volunteer service by the spring and maintain a 3.4 GPA. I knew that throughout the year I would want to start volunteering at the Children’s Hospital, but I did not know when exactly and because my scholarship depended on volunteer hours, I wanted to make sure I was set regardless. I then decided to join CAC! 

In the fall semester we had meetings every other week for an hour, although now that the Relay is happening in April 2020, we have hour long weekly meetings. During the meeting, we collaborate in our subcommittees to complete our weekly goals. I am in the Luminaria committee which means I help organize the light event at the end of the relay, as well as the caregiver and survivor dinner donated by multiple restaurants around Cincinnati. The theme of this year’s relay is ‘A Day at the Farm’ which I think was voted on as a joke… but ended up being chosen regardless. 

Our meetings are always filled with positive energy and unity as we laugh and work together to organize a successful relay. 

Joining a student organization is a good way to meet new people and engage with the general community. There are many options and CampusLink has more information. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. 

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